Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Notes to Vladimir Putin

Weekly Message

Dear President Putin,

It has been a long time since I have written to you.  I missed your birthday in October.  Happy belated birthday!!!  I have been in the hospital and rehab since late September, but I am at home now and in fine shape.

I have been very dismayed by what is going on in society.  In a way, a towering barrier between neighbors represents a failure.  God gave us a world to share and enjoy.  The Atlantic and Pacific have sometimes protected America from conflict, but I feel we only truly flourish when we extend hands across boarders.  And the biggest barriers can always be found not on land, but in our own hearts and minds when we focus on division rather than simple human respect, integrity, and friendship.

May you have a good and happy 2019, and I hereby extend my hand of friendship to you and the Russian people.

Following is a stanza from a song you can find on my blog video page:

We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start giving
Oh, there's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives

It's true we'll make a better day, just you and me


Dear President Putin,

This month our country celebrated Independence Day on July 4th.  In previous years the outside of my house was decorated in red, white, and blue.  To me this meant living as a child in a good family even though my father made a very low income deepite his excellent skills. Our family had stability, love and integrity and I never thought income was a problem.  We had a good neighborhood and schools and I was very happy.  

I am so sad now when I see the immigrants being separated from their children and possibly never seeing them again.  What damage will the children have for the rest of their lives!  Most of us in the United States (other than the American Indians) are descendants of Immigrants.  How can our country treat these incoming families so unjustly?

I am still glad I am an American but my hopes and prayers are that are that we  return to the founding principles that our forefathers wrote in the Constitution.  I will then be decorating the outside of my home for the Fourth of July Celebration. (Please find Simple Gifts on video page) 

Your friend in the United States,

Dear President Putin,
I am so sorry that Ih ave not posted you a message in two weeks. I have been in the hospital with limited access to a computer.  The whole experience reminds of the challenges we can face and overcome when part of a team strengthened by dogged grit. (Please see video page for One Moment in Time. Your friend in the United States...Connie

Sometimes we find that our closest friends can be less than perfect.  At other times, we see that we would be nowhere without the support of these and many other individuals--some of whom we do not (or will not ever) know.  We simply must conclude that less than perfect humanity allows us to soar as individuals. (Please see video page for Wind Beneath My Wings)

As the tropical storms are affecting us in Florida, it makes me realize our personal lives–within our own skins-- can also be subject to “tropical storms”.  . . As you are the leader in Russia, you can positively effect many of the Russian people by how you handle your  “tropical storm” challenges.  (Please see video page for Bridge Over Troubled Waters)

Thank you for your strength in showing kindness to Russia's native animals.

Look for the good God gives you every day (even on one of your “bad” days).

Make time for those who love you.

You could change the world and make people happy.

You could bring sunshine to many people.

May you love people as much as God loves you.